The Power of Imagery

The Power of Imagery

Word vs image, it is always a challenge when designing anything that you want to attract people with. What made you click on this blog? Was it the title or was it the image we chose at the top? Perhaps the words persuaded you to click through but more than likely it was the image that caught your attention in the first place.

Think of the things that attract you throughout the day, we are drawn in by our senses. An amazing smell, an intriguing sound or a striking visual, all have the ability to grab our attention in an instant. With such a stimulating world around us, it takes something special to really engage us. When it comes to a brand, website, article or blog it is important to strike the right balance between great content and visually impactful imagery.

Have a think about the brands that you know and love? How many of those are identifiable purely by an image or even a colour? The orange of EasyJet or the red of Virgin, the golden arches of McDonalds or the colonel of KFC. These brands have made their visuals iconic, they stand alone as a brand identifier with no words required. However, it is important to note, it took these brands a lot of time (and money) to get to where they are. For the smaller brands out there the imagery is important but they have to be backed up by text to inform and engage your audience.

For websites and blogs the written content is what your audience has visited for, unless you are an artist of course. So make sure you are writing interesting copy that people will want to read. Great content is what will keep people engaged, it will position you as an authority and most importantly it will keep visitors coming back. However, bear in mind that the great copy alone is unlikely to drawn them in in the first place.

So, think carefully about the images you use, go for impact, for intrigue, for the image that is going to get your audience thinking and get them through to your content. You know they will love it when they get there, you just need to help them find it.

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