Are you telling your story?

It is an ongoing challenge for many brands, how do you engage customers in your business story? With the emergence of social media and company blogs it is more important than ever to develop a brand personality and to connect on a more personal level with consumers. So how do you go about telling your story in business?

The first step is to ensure that you have a select number of key messages. When someone thinks of your brand what do you want them to think? What are the key things that you would like consumers to know about your business? By identifying these top level messages you can then create a framework with which to create your content plan and tone of voice.

The next step is to recognise what your consumer is looking for, why would they come to you as a brand. There will normally be an emotional trigger of want or need on the part of the consumer. You then need to match up your key messages to this need, to create a connection in the heads of consumers between what you do and what you can do to help them meet this need.

Once you have these key messages and connection points identified, your entire content plan to should be built around them. Every piece of content and communication that you are putting out as a brand should match at least one of your key messages. In doing so you build a brand personality and a strong brand story. One that consumers can easily identify, relate to and ultimately engage with. Consistency is key, it keeps your brand story clear in the minds of consumers and helps you become a trusted, credible and authentic source of information.

Your brand story should incorporate all sides of your business and let consumers see behind the scenes as well as just showing them your shop front. Ultimately, the main goal of business storytelling is to increase brand awareness which will result in more business. And for many companies, this business is done between people. Yes, your online presence is for the brand but by letting consumers see the people behind the brand that make that story a reality you can build meaningful relationships with consumers.

Finally, show your consumers that you know their pain points, that you understand why they need your brand and tell them how you can help to solve their problem. Be helpful, give them the why and the how your brand will relieve the pain point. In doing so you can become the go to business for your target audience. Remember, consumers are looking for ease, they want know quickly whether you are the right brand for them in a sea of possible choices. By helping them connect with you through your brand story you are able to stand out from the competitors from the outset.

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